What happened in the Turks and Caicos?

I'm glad you asked. A LOT. We were there for a full month! Pretty funny considering we had talked about skipping out on the Turks and Caicos completely. It's a good thing we didn't . . . For starters, Chak's engine was acting up again, after hanging out for so long in Mayaguana. By the... Continue Reading →


Hello, are you still there?

How long has it been? Too long. I'm sorry. We made it to the Dominican Republic, barely. But the journey doesn't stop there. In fact, it's only just beginning. After accomplishing what seemed nearly impossible, we plan to go even further. Hopefully continuing to surprise ourselves and the limits of possibility! Only 2 weeks after... Continue Reading →

Freakin’ Mayaguana

By the time Sterling returned to Mayaguana, he found us quite at home in the desolate little isle. Seventeen days in total we spent in the last, south-eastern most island of the Bahamas. The most of any place we had dropped anchor up to that point. Chak's bottom grew furry. We became comfortable and familiar,... Continue Reading →

Georgetown –> Mayaguana

(phonetic, like maya-GWA-nah) It took 6 days. We left Georgetown the morning of my 23rd birthday, and arrived Monday the 19th in Abrahams Bay. The DR is now within our sights. Dangling just out of reach. The three of us considered it actually, just pushing on. It wouldn't have been so bad for Joel and... Continue Reading →

Living Limitless in Georgetown

After covering many miles in the five day push from Morgan's Bluff, we were so grateful just for the chance to stop and take a breather. We planned to be there just a few days, to buy fuel and provisions, do laundry, explore the town, and socialize with other cruisers.. But then, as soon as... Continue Reading →

Stranded in Andros

Ten days passed with us marooned at Andros Island. Leaving Honeymoon Island and making our way across the Great Bahama Bank was 73 miles worth of travel that took Joel, Sterling, Mancha, and I to Morgan's Bluff. A tiny harbor and protected anchorage cove, where we seem to threaten taking up residency. The only structures... Continue Reading →

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