Pulling into the dicey canal
Michal Tans Underway
Michale usually gets her tan on if we get smooth waters
Vollyball Beach
It was always poppin’ on Volleyball Beach
Saying goodbye to Georgetown on the net
Chack Matay anouncing our departure to the Georgetown cruisers net
Obelisk on Elizibeth Island
Obelisk atop Monument Hill on Elizibeth Island
How the Bahamians race
That is how it is done. Bahamian sloop in a race and we have front row seats while on anchor
Watercolor Sunset while in the Straights of Florida
Water color sunset as we directed our heading north along the east coast of Florida
Sunrise on the way to Miami
Sailing into the sunset on the way to Miami from Marathon
Don't get swept away
Don’t get swept away Joel-a
Abraham's Bay Mayaguana
Mayaguana sunset, the last island of southern Bahamas
Left our mark
Of course we left our mark in Elizabeth Harbour
West side of Elizibeth Island from the top of Monument Hill
The east side of Elizibeth Island had an ominous sound as the waves crashed up on the beach
Morgans Bluff local shows off his backflip skills
Local of Andros shows us a raging backflip
Morgans Bluff DJ
DJ of Morgans Bluff in northern Andros
Huge Iguanas on Leaf Cay
Huge iguanas on Leaf Cay
Hiking up Monument Hill
Michal found the trail to the top of Monument Hill
Georgetown Bridge
Signature bridge, the only way to the Georgetown dinghy dock
Bahamian Sloop racing by in Elizabeth Harbor
The Bahamians in Georgetown took their sailing seriously and were good
Approaching Galliot Cut from the West side to the East side of the Exuma Islands
Approaching Galliot Cut towards the east side of the Exuma Islands
Anchored just off of Pipe Cay after a beautiful day of sailing
Anchored at Pipe Cay on our run through the Exumas
Fish Fry night – Sunset over Grace Bay



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