Video Log

Ep.50 – He Talked Her Into Living On A Sailboat


Ep.49 – Our First Experiences in the United States

Ep.48 – What it’s Like in Luperon

Ep.47 – Jumping and Sliding Down Waterfalls

Ep.46 – Challenging Decisions and Damages Sustained

Ep.45 – Home Stretch Storm

Ep.44 – Raising a Fallen Mast and Hunting for a Prop in T&C

Ep.43 – Crossing Caicos Banks With Half a Prop

Ep.42 – Anchored in a Boat Graveyard

Ep.41 – Foraging and Touring the Island of Mayaguana

Ep.40 – Dismasting Solution

Ep.39 – Dismasted in the Deep Blue

Ep.38 – Cruising Mecca of the Bahamas

Ep.37 – Sailing from Andros to Georgetown, a cruisers paradise

Ep.36 – Let’s explore the island of Andros

Ep.35 – Sailing to Andros after meeting the Honeymoon Stingrays

Ep. 34 – Finally crossing to the Bahamas

Ep. 33 – Chak Matay would rather sink than be a trawler…So sail her

Ep. 32 – The Boot Key Harbor Vortex is Real

Ep. 31 – Stack Pack, Lazy Jack Lines and Pirates

Ep. 30 – Solving our 2 year engine problem and Sailing with new friends

Ep. 29 – If anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen out here

Ep. 28 – Couple Living Aboard for 10 Years and Bahamas Prep

Ep. 27 – Taking 1st Timers for Overnight Sail

Ep. 26 – New Cheap but Huge Addition to Sailboat

Ep. 25 – Fantasy Fest in Key West

Ep. 24 – Meet a 21st Century Pirate

Ep. 23 – Wisteria Island Post Irma

Ep. 22 – Neighbor on 45′ Trawler Slips Anchor and gets Close

Ep. 21 – Bilge Pump was Running Constantly

Ep. 20 – Sailboat survived Hurricane Irma

Ep. 19 – Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Ep. 18 – Sailboat Paint Job Through Thunderstorms and Extreme Heat

Ep. 17 – Sewing Your Sail By Hand

Ep. 16 – Return To Anchored Sailboat Four Months Later

Ep. 15 – Life Before the Boat

Ep. 14 – Day in the Life Alone on a Boat

Ep. 13 – Cuba and the Sail Home

Ep. 12 – Caught in the Storm While Sailing to Cuba

Ep. 11 – Sailing to Uninhabited Islands

Ep. 10 – Living on the Hook in Key West

Ep. 9 – Sailing from Tampa to Key West

Ep. 8 – Tour of a Cruising Sailboat

Ep. 7 – Liveaboard Marina

Ep. 6 – Installing Solar Panels

Ep. 5 – Running Aground and Tropical Storm Anchorage

Ep. 4 – Sailboat Fiberglass Repair

Ep. 3 – Sailing to Our New Marina

Ep. 2 – Overcoming Engine Troubles on Newly Purchased Sailboat

Ep. 1 – The Boys Buy a Sailboat


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